Ancient Leros by Jack Leonard Benson

By Jack Leonard Benson

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BENSON ANCIENT LEROS 2. THE POTTERY OF LEROS1 be part of a palm tree design (Illus. Id and P1. 15 Fig. 1i)P Both should be seventh century. Possibly earlier than the seventh century is a sherd with a pattern of triangles and bands (Illus. lc)" of a fabric similar to that found in Chios in the late eighth to early seventh centuries! Several specimens of excellent sixth century Attic black glaze have been found (Pl. 15 Fig. la-c), two of which (not illustrated) may have come from a Little Master cup.

Beyond this point speculation on constitutional matters would be unprofitable. It is worth noting, however, in combination with the conjectural solidification of Lerian independence in the fourth (if not the fifth) century, that sites other than Ayia Marina begin to yield archaeological evidence about this time. Most striking of all is the citadel of Xerokampos with its impressive walls. The ques- 48 The epigraphical terminus ante quem for the establishment of a Milesian colony on Leros seems to be given by the entry "Milesians from Leros" in the first two ~ t h e n i a ntribute lists.

Rice, Corinth XI, Byzanzinr Glazed Pottery, Cambridge, b s s . 1942, 71. 57 58 J. L. BENSON 3. '* This obviates the need to apologize for the tentative nature of the following observations. A sampling of surface sherds15 at Miletos suggests that the local ware there from Mycenaean through Roman times may reveal a heavy concentration of mica, so that the surface of the sherds fairly glitters with a sheen of fine mica grains (quite independently of quality of ware, for both coarser and finer wares have this).

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