Ancestors, Territoriality, and Gods: A Natural History of by Ina Wunn

By Ina Wunn

This books units out to provide an explanation for how and why faith got here into being. at the present time this query is as attention-grabbing as ever, specifically for the reason that faith has moved to the centre of socio-political relationships. unlike the present, yet incomplete ways from disciplines similar to cognitive technology and psychology, the current authors undertake a brand new method, both take place and optimistic, that explains the origins of faith dependent strictly on behavioural biology. They hire approved learn effects that get rid of all desire for hypothesis. Decisive components for the earliest demonstrations of faith are hence territorial behaviour and score, dealing with existential fears, and clash answer with assistance from rituals. those in flip, in a means of cultural evolution, are proven to be the roots of the historic and modern religions.

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Nachgelassene Manuskripte und Texte. Ed. by John Michael Krois. Hamburg: Meiner. 32 2 The Crux of a Darwinian Approach to Evolution vertical fashion from parents to children. Consequently, cultures changed only very slowly under stable environmental conditions. Under these circumstances, as a rule we see that only when groups see themselves challenged by a change in the natural, economic, or social environment do they tend towards a higher degree of variety, meaning they see themselves forced to behavioural changes which are reflected in, and influence, their world view.

Staal, Frits (1989). Rules Without Meaning: Ritual, Mantras, and the Human Sciences. New York: Lang. 26 Wunn, Ina (2016). The Crux of a Darwinian Approach on Evolution: What is Evolution, and what did evolve? ) Interdisziplinäre Anthropologie, Jahrbuch 03/2015: Religion. Wiesbaden Springer: pp. 83–98. 34 2 The Crux of a Darwinian Approach to Evolution of religions. This tree of life can now be explained by the fact that the vast number of known historical and extant religions ultimately all stem from the one, or from a very few, principle form(s)—which remain to be discovered.

Initially, these were the oceans in which the creatures slowly began to occupy the various ecological niches and thereby exhausted the entire spectrum of life from the single-cell organism through to the highly complex arthropods, mollusca, and vertebratae. Subsequently, with the conquest of the continent, several phyla 9 Darwin, Charles (1872). The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, 6th edition. London: John Murray, pp. 85–86. 10 “I have lately got a bisexual cirripede, the male being microscopically small & parasitic within the sack of the female… I tell you this to boast of my species theory, for the nearest & closely allied genus to it is, as usual, hermaphrodite, but I have observed some minute parasites adhering to it, & these parasites, I now can show, are supplemental males, the male organs in the hermaphrodite being unusually small, though perfect and containing zoosperms: so we have almost a polygamous animal, simple females alone being wanting.

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