By V. Megre

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Only for a man and a woman, who had wished sincerely to have a baby together! Only a man who is experiencing this kind of feeling can light a new star in the sky! Only-y f-o-or a m-a -a-n striving towards creation! ” Then she turned to me and added addressing only me: “0nly for a man, who is striving for a creation and not for satisfaction of his flesh needs”. She had an outburst of laughter again with her catchy laughter, jumping up, stretching herself into the splits, she started to hover over the fog.

That's why I'll try my best to reproduce the issue the best way I can. As for me, the essence of it started to clarify only later on. ” “What does it mean "different"? ” “Yes, I can”, answered Anastasiya. ” “Well, it is generalized greatly. I am speaking, at least, trying to speak, using the words and word combinations which you are using in your speech. It was a little bit difficult for me at the beginning as your vocabulary is poor and you repeat very often the same speech patterns. Your senses are also feebly expressed.

The great majority of which never wake up during man's life time. Cosmic forces will join and help you to accomplish the most inconceivable light dreams, to find peace of mind, regulate favorable relationships with loved ones and your dearest. It will increase or call forth their love towards you. It is very wholesome to carry out this procedure several times. Though it will be effective only at the places of your constant contact with Mother Nature. You will feel the effect the very next morning.

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