Analytical Writing and Thinking: Facing the Tests by Arthur Whimbey, Myra J. Linden

By Arthur Whimbey, Myra J. Linden

This textbook is designed to reinforce the pondering and writing talents that scholars desire for either educational and occupational luck. It is helping to arrange scholars for the verbal parts of the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GED, and GRE and provides the way to move writing checks usually required for promotion/graduation and on-the- activity writing assignments.

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13. This issue is returned to in the final chapter. Danto 1983, p. 67 in Rajchman and West 1985. See Kuhn 1970. Stalnaker 1984 p. x. Rorty 1998, pp. 19-42. Gilbert 1997, p. " While this is one of the general assumptions of coalescent argumentation, it is not equally applicable to all kinds of arguments. 11. Wittgenstein 1961. Russell, in "The Philosophy of Logical Atomism," takes the task of philosophy to describe the world. Analysis is necessary insofar as it reveals the "ultimate constituents" of the world.

I t is not hard, I think, to make sense out of any of these metaphors, but it is an amazing ability nonetheless. Interpreting metaphors is nearly the art that creating them is. In some respects, interpreting metaphors may actually be the greater art. The exercise of creating tnetaphors can with relatively little effort be extended indefinitely. Even restricting ourselves just to traffic metaphors (and getting carried away with the exercise), we can say that arguments are (i) conversational traffic jams - (ii) gridlock with a lot of honking and little movement.

To evaluate and even just to understand public arguments like these, the performative dimension has to be distinguished from the question of efficacy and then accorded its own theoretical prominence. , on the oratorical aspects rather than the purely inferential or adversarial, rhetorical ones. (The performative dimension to argument is not limited to the spoken word, so the use of the term "oratorical" is unfortunate if it is taken to exclude viewing the pontifications of editorial columnists or the polemics of other print media propagandists through the arguments-as-performance lens.

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