An isolated MOSFET gate driver by Walker G.

By Walker G.

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When diffusion limits mass transport, the sublimation rate is proportional to p<: and is in agreement with theory. Crystal growth occurs at the gradient 29 11. CRYSTAL GROWTH between the charge and the reservoir. Unsatisfactory results are obtained using low pressures. In the gradient region, crystals are dendritic and have a large number of growth imperfections, characteristic of an excessively supersaturated vapor. 2 mm3 platelets and 15 x 3 x 3 mm3 prisms are obtained. Even larger prisms are found on the surface of the polycrystalline charge.

Smooth epitaxial layers are obtained at growth rates of about 10 pm/hr and source temperatures as low as 600°C. A representative rate for CdTe epitaxy on CdS is 100 pm/hr for source and substrate temperatures of 720°C and 610"C, respectively. Grain size depends upon substrate temperature and orientation and quality of the surface. Typically grain size increases from 1 pm to 5 pm for substrate temperatures of from 425°C to 610°C. Best results are obtained for deposition on the (OOO1) plane of CdS and when the substrate is thermally etched previous to deposition.

Variations of the sublimation method result in the largest single crystals, a few cm2, and provide facets for the study of growth mechanisms. Thin films are also grown by sublimation, chemical transport, and 11. CRYSTAL GROWTH 25 vacuum deposition. , sublimation and chemical transport). , single crystal growth represents a closer approach to equilibrium and generally involves higher temperatures; thin film growth represents significant departure from equilibrium and generally lower temperatures).

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