An Introduction to Modern Social and Political Thought by Andrew Gamble

By Andrew Gamble

This booklet is a concise advisor to the most doctrines and developments in Western social and political idea because the French Revolution. in actual fact and easily written, the e-book contains short biographical info of significant person thinkers in addition to an annotated bibliography which supplies counsel to additional analyzing.

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The systematic application of rational techniques to find the best means for achieving ends brought the gradual downgrading of other kinds of knowledge, such as customary and intuitive knowledge, because the new sciences increasingly supplied both the practical knowledge and information that a capitalist market economy demanded, as well as the justifications for its social and political arrangements. The corrosive effect of rationalist methods of enquiry and argument on established social institutions and traditional culture was rapidly perceived by many conservatives who fought this aspect of the bourgeois revolution as fiercely as any other.

2 The bourgeois revolution This profound upheaVal was the bourgeois revolution. The tenn bourgeois, like the tenn revolution, is ambiguous and unsatisfactory, because it too had an earlier meaning, and like revolution was subsequently extended vastly in its range. Yet there is no real alternative. Bourgeois is a tenn that always had much greater acceptance in continental Europe than in either Britain or America, because in the fonner it was used to refer to a division within the ranks of the property owners.

Money is the medium that connects all the separate individual labours in the community, because by acting as a universal equivalent in terms of which they can all be expressed, it makes possible the exchange of commodities in the market; it means that every producer can sell one day without having to buy again immediately. Exchange no longer has to depend on barter, on two producers wanting one another's product at the same moment and in the same proportion. Individuals can be paid in money and later use that money to purchase whatever they need.

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