American gun : a history of the U.S. in ten firearms by Kyle, Taya; Kyle, Chris; DeFelice, Jim; Doyle, William

By Kyle, Taya; Kyle, Chris; DeFelice, Jim; Doyle, William

During this ebook, the writer, deadliest sniper in U.S. historical past tracks down and shoots the 10 most vital American firearms, from a flintlock rifle to a Colt revolver to the most recent high-tech weapon he used as a military SEAL. He makes use of those weapons as a window on usa heritage, making the sweeping argument that the yankee tale has been tied to and formed through the gun. He revisits turning issues in American history, Read more...


Tracks vital American firearms, from a flintlock rifle to a Colt revolver to the high-tech weapon the writer used as a seal. This booklet makes use of those weapons as a window on usa background, making Read more...

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Soldana later learned the man was known as “Kwockey”—the national celebrity frontiersman and former congressman Davy Crockett. After almost two weeks of siege, Mexicans punched through the Alamo’s flimsy defenses and killed or massacred all but two of the Texan defenders of the Alamo, including Crockett. A month later, when General Santa Anna ordered the cold-blooded bayonet-and-bullet massacre of 353 more Texan prisoners near Goliad on Palm Sunday, March 27, terrified Texas civilians started fleeing eastward.

All he needed them to do was hold formation for three volleys. Then, battle over, they would be released from service—and be called heroes, even. ” Just three shots and you are free. Morgan’s men chowed down on a hearty meal of butchered beef fresh from the pasture, stacked their guns, and tried to grab some shut-eye. Just before sunrise on January 17, Tarleton the Butcher and his 300 cavalry and 950 infantry troops fell into Morgan’s trap. Nostalgic Currier & Ives prints depicting American militia men setting off for the Revolution.

His goal was to make the price as low as possible. While Chris was a warrior, that wasn’t all he was. He was a young man full of life and laughter with an easy confident spirit. He was incredibly intelligent. Most of all, he wasn’t naive; he knew there might come a time when he couldn’t do what was asked of him on the battlefield. To do his job, Chris knew he had to let go of his innocence. It was a hefty price, but one Chris would willingly pay time and time again. When faced with a decision to fire or let an American die, Chris dug deep.

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