All-seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness, The: A by Nick Kettles

By Nick Kettles

The All-Seeing Boy believed that there needs to be how to make humans satisfied. Then he met the mysterious hobo Jason Carper Esquire who taught him in regards to the blue sky of happiness . . . and our inherent, a little bit magical skill to deliver happiness to others.

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Reply: On this matter, all earlier gurus of the various Tibetan lineages say that you have to do numerous short sessions. Why? Some say that if you meditate in brief sessions and stop when it is going well, you will still be eager to meditate at the end of each session, while if the session is long, you will become weary. Others explain that if the session is long, it is easy to fall under the sway of laxity and excitement, so it is hard to develop flawless concentration. Asaºga’s ⁄r›vaka Levels and other classic texts do not state the length of sessions clearly.

Likewise, when you understand how all phenomena can be included within the constituents and sources, you mentally collect them into these categories and keep your attention on this. Among these four types of objects of meditation, objects of meditation for purifying behavior, as explained, facilitate the stopping of attachment and such in those whose behavior is dominated by attachment and such. They are special objects of meditation because you may readily attain concentration based upon them.

E) What is and is not possible refers to such things as it being possible for a pleasant fruition to arise from a virtuous action, but not possible for a pleasant fruition to arise from a non-virtuous action. Expertise in this is knowing that things are this way. 64 When you use these as objects of meditation for cultivating serenity, you keep your attention on just one of the perspectives in which the aggregates, etc. may be known. (d’’)) Objects of meditation for purifying afflictions Purifying afflictions means either merely reducing the strength of the seeds of the afflictions or else utterly eradicating the seeds.

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