After the Storm: Iraqi Wrecks and Fortifications by Eric Micheletti

By Eric Micheletti

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Despite the fact that the overloaded Borodino-class battleships had most of their main armor belt submerged, Japanese gunnery was still unable to penetrate even the thinner upper-belt armor of the Russian battleships. After the disappointing performance at Yellow Sea, the Shimosa-filled shells were replaced by black powder-filled common shells and Togo resolved to get his powerful armored cruisers into the fight to support his outnumbered battleships. Togo also opted to get in closer than at Yellow Sea and the gunnery duels at Tsushima were conducted at 6km or less.

Com This is the account of the machines of war pitted against each other and the combatants who operated them. Step onto the battlefield and immerse yourself in the experience of real historic combat. RUSSIAN BATTLESHIP vs JAPANESE BATTLESHIP Yellow Sea 1904-05 The first major clash between a European and an Asian state in the modern era signaled Japan's emergence as a major power. Watched keenly by the world's superpowers, this brutal naval clash was disastrous for the Russians who, despite their superior numbers, were defeated by the Japanese in spectacular fashion.

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