Accurately measure flammable gases by Holkom B.

By Holkom B.

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Low noise amplifier Low noise amplifier – LNA is the most critical block in the receiver signal chain, since it determines the overall noise Fig. of the received signal, so that it determines the quality of communication system. There are several issues on LNA design for UWB applications. First, it must provide wideband impedance matching for both optimal power transfer and noise characteristic. Second, it should be a low power implementation with high power gain. 13a specification [1] [2], it is required a power gain of at least 15dB with less than 3dB noise Fig.

Moreno1, Leonardo B. Zoccal1 and Edgar C. Rodriguez2 1Federal University of Itajubá of São Paulo Brazil 2University 1. Introduction There is a great interest in the development of equipment and devices that can accurately and efficiently monitor biological signals such as blood pressure, heart beat and body temperature, among others. It is highly desirable to have those devices operating in an environment free of wires, where the information can be accessed remotely and processed in real time by external equipments.

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