A Wish a Kiss a Dream by Lora Leigh

By Lora Leigh

Cowboy - Cowboy & the Thief via Lora Leigh booklet 2 within the Cowboy sequence. the landlord of the traditional Irish Torque will consistently be an Irish lass. The wearer, the sweetheart of her center and soul. it really is Angel Manning's legacy and has sparked goals of an unknown lover who might fill her nights with warmth, her center with pleasure. but if her father sells the Torque to Jack Riley opposed to her needs, future and destiny are installed movement. She'll get it again if she has to scouse borrow it. yet Jack catches her, and he is not giving it up and not using a struggle. Djinn's want via Shiloh Walker while Tamric selected to turn into Djinn, he by no means imagined that he will be trapped in carrier to a magickal reflect for millions of years, granting one desire to each one lady who holds it. Tam is able to do whatever to procure his freedom whilst he meets the human who will make him burn with a starvation he had in the past forgotten and yearn for a love in contrast to any he has ever imagined. For her he'll hand over his freedom, his desires, his every little thing. simply to see her joy?—before he disappears from her lifestyles endlessly. Dream - Paying Up via Mary Wine Christina Faulkner made a raffle and now she owed him a kiss. If she's fortunate, he is forgotten all approximately it. Shane Jacobs did not simply wish the wager paid. He sought after a lot extra. yet as soon as ardour touches its ambitions, hope transforms easy touch into enchanting obsession. And Christina is ready to find that Shane hasn't forgotten her. actually, he is coming again to assert what's his. it all. word: Paying Up is associated with the ''Dream'' sequence yet might be learn as a stand-alone tale.

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She felt the bed dip by her head, the press of his hands on the mattress as he braced his weight above her. A long wail left her lips as he pushed through the tight tissues slowly, stroking deep inside her. Tears burned her eyes as he pushed deep, forcing her body to accommodate a man’s cock after years of emptiness. The pain couldn’t drown out the pleasure though, and she cried out with it, digging her nails into the muscles of his arms and tilting her hips up, trying to take more of him. “Sweet heaven…” Tam whispered out above her.

I have to wonder… What would have happened if I hadn’t said anything? If I had waited? ” A harsh sob slipped past her lips. “He looked at me—so shocked. But I saw the guilt in his eyes, in Jenise’s. He didn’t see the curve ahead and he was driving too fast,” she said, her voice oddly calm. “Brian lost control of the car—we crashed into the river at over sixty miles an hour. Jenise didn’t have her belt on. She was thrown from the car, died on impact. Brian had his belt on but he was thrown sideways and hit his head against the window too hard.

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