A Wilderness Christmas by Madeline Baker

By Madeline Baker

4 early American vacation romances contain "Loving Devlin" through Madeline Baker, "The Fourth present" via Elizabeth Chadwick, "Christmas shock" via Norah Hess, and "Christmas celebrity" through Connie Mason. Reissue.

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Thunder rolled across the black sky, lightning lanced the clouds, while a torrent of rain washed away Sarah's trail. He stared, unseeing, into the distance, his thoughts turned inward. Remembering how Sarah had taken him into her home and nursed him back to health after he'd been attacked by two white men and left for dead. Remembering how readily she had accepted him, trusted him when she had no reason to trust him. How could he help but love her? Sarah. He swallowed hard, realizing that she could be dead even now.

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By then, the cloth wrapped around his leg was soaked with blood and he was burning with fever. He was only vaguely aware of being lifted from the back of the horse, carried into a lodge, covered with furs. He heard the distant sound of voices; a low groan rose in his throat as someone probed the wound in his leg, igniting new fires with every touch.  . the muted whisper of a rattle, the sweet smell of sage, the taste of strong green tea made from the bark of a tree. He cried out, tension spiraling through his body, as someone laid a heated blade over the wound in his thigh, and then the world went black.

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