A Western Winter Wonderland by Cheryl St.John

By Cheryl St.John

Three heartwarming tales choked with vacation sparkle and romance!

Christmas Day Family by means of Cheryl St.John

Marvel Henley although she was once content material till the recent good-looking surgeon Seth Paxton and his lovable youngsters crashed into her existence! unexpectedly she started to yearn for issues she had lengthy stopped wishing for...

Fallen Angel through Jenna Kernan

When Abby March is by chance shot she and her younger boy are taken right into a rugged stranger's care. darkish and mysterious, Ford Statler hides a softer facet and gives even more than just a Christmas to remember...

One Magic Eve via Pam Crooks

Chet Latimer is interested in Sonja Kaplan regardless of neighborhood gossip, and he unearths himself asking Sonja for aid together with his motherless little boy. With Christmas at the horizon and magic within the air, their lives could change...forever!

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It's all child-size and there are dolls and cradles. " "I can't believe my good fortune," Seth told her. "Calvin Peterson recommended I contact you, but I never thought it would be this easy to find someone to care for Tessa while I worked. What about emergencies, Mrs. Porter? " "It's Mo, and I'm always here except on Sunday mornings. Even if it's night, you can bring them. You're a doctor. " Seth was so relieved he could hardly believe things were working out so well. The pretty boarding house lady had been a little hesitant to accept them, but this woman was more welcoming than he'd hoped for.

Fearless prob'ly wants t' see me," Nate told her. "He ain't used to bein' all alone for so long. Prob'ly he's lonesome. At home he used to come in and lay by the fire of an evenin'. " "I'm afraid I can't accommodate your dog in the manner he's accustomed," Marvel told him. " "Accommodate. " She nodded. " With a disappointed expression, Nate looked at the last carrot on his plate. Seth returned to his seat. " "Miss Henley don't have no room for Fearless in her pantry," Nate said to his dad. "Doesn't have room," he corrected.

Tessa's look of supreme relief rewarded her. Marvel was feeling pretty pleased with herself when Seth's boots sounded along the hallway. He set down a trunk outside the door, then maneuvered it into the room and moved it against a wall. He straightened and turned to observe them. " Tessa called with a bright smile. "That's a good girl," he answered, then to Marvel, "I apologize. " He came close and crouched beside them. " Up close, his disturbingly appealing scent was even more pronounced. He had long lashes and black hair that waved becomingly over his forehead.

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