A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal

By R.S. Aggarwal

This publication includes all kinds of questions requested in numerous aggressive examinations; absolutely solved examples with explanatory answers;Published within the yr 2012, a latest method of Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning is a booklet that's geared in the direction of permitting its readers to higher their reasoning talents and crack this part in aggressive examinations.

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Suffix) Terrific-arousing great fear soporific-causing sleep Fy To make(verb suffix) Magnify-enlarge petrify-turn to stone Iferous Producing,bearing(adj suffix) Pestiferous-carrying desease vociferous-bearing a loud voice Il,ile Pertaining to,capable of(adj Puerile-pertaining to a boy or child suffix) civil-polite Ism Doctrine,belief(noun suffix) Monotheism-belief in one god fanaticism-excessive zeal;extreme belief Ist Dealer,doer(noun suffix) Realist-one who is realistic artist-one who deals with art Ity State of being(noun suffix) Creduality-state of being unduly willing to believe segacity-wisdom Ive Like(adj.

21)Erotic :Pertaining to passionate love. Usage:The erotic passages in this novel should be removed as they are merely pornographic. 22)Erroneous :Mistaken ,wrong Usage:I thought my answer was correct , but it was erroneous. 23)Eshew:Avoid Usage:Hoping to present himself to his girlfriend as a totally reformed character ,he tried to eshew all this vices ,especially chewing tobacco and drinking bathtub gin. 24)Escapade:Prank , Flighty conduct. Usage:The headmaster could not regard this latest escapade as a byish joke and expelled the young man.

Fecundity : fertilty , frutfulness The fecundity of her mind illustrated by many vivid imagesin her poems. 6. Fell : cruel, deadly The newspaper told of the tragic spread of the fell disease. 7. Felon : person convicted of a grave crime. A convicted felon loses the right to vote. 8. Ferret : drive or hunt out of hiding. She ferreted out their secret. 9. Fete : honor at a festival The returning hero was feted at a community supper and dance. 10. Flay : strip off skin , plunder The criminal was condemned to be flayed alive.

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