A Dead God Dancing by Ann Maxwell

By Ann Maxwell

Mass marketplace paperback.

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Thanks ... ” Lhar waited until Nevin had worked the stiffness out of his legs before he left to see if anyone else needed help. T’Mero staggered drunkenly when his feet touched the ground, but a sheer effort of will made his legs cooperate. Lhar heard muffled obscenities as T’Mero woke Diri. At least Lhar assumed the words were obscene; the required scarf and veil effectively garbled her speech. A stifled groan caught Lhar’s attention. Not far away, Kaffi was leaning against her taman. ” He sensed as much as saw the yellow flash of her eyes in the darkness.

Not here. You will not break. Not yet. Not until Tal-Lith is safe. Afterwards we can crawl and whimper and kiss our separate wounds. Then you can take your rope of lies and evasions and hang yourself with it. I won’t stop you. I promise that. * Lhar waited in the stretching silence for Syza to respond. She stood as though carved from the conflicting moons, remote and desolate. The quiet hummed until he wanted to batter at her stillness. Syza’s taman clicked its teeth, impatient to be turned loose.

Soon the drifs would tire of useless alarms. Then Syza would dismount and hobble the three drif leaders. The rest would disperse nearby and resume the everlastingly serious business of filling their bellies under watchful drifsen eyes. There was a distinct beauty to the interplay of Syza, drifsen, and herd animals. Even her taman transcended its angular nature as it spun and parried drif lunges. The result was dose to a stylized dance with stunning leaps and sudden curves of energy, all choreographed by Syza’s clear whistles.

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