A Controllable Resistor with Features of a Field-Effect by A.G.Akimov, M.Yu.Barabanenkov, M.L.Baranochnikov,

By A.G.Akimov, M.Yu.Barabanenkov, M.L.Baranochnikov, A.V.Leonov, A.D.Mokrushin, and N.M.Omel'yanovskaya

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For the strip to the left of center, the coupling capacitance is Css to the left-hand amplifier and Css /3 to the right-hand amplifier, so the left-hand amplifier will receive 3/4 of the signal. This technique can also be used to reduce the number of readout channels. However, a portion of the signal charge remains on the backplane capacitance Cb of each strip in the signal path. 1 1 10 100 PHOTON ENERGY (MeV) 1000 Fig. 20. The photon absorption coefficient µ vs. energy in silicon. At low energies photoelectric absorption dominates.

If the dopant is of atomic number Z + 1, one of the shell electrons is only lightly bound and can be thermally excited into the conduction band, so electrons are available as mobile charge carriers. If the atomic number of the dopant is Z − 1, one of the bonds lacks an electron, but only little energy is needed to “borrow” an electron from a nearby atom. Thus, the unfilled bond moves and acts like a positive mobile charge, a “hole”. To form a diode, one can start with material doped to provide mobile electrons, “n-type” material.

A253 (1987) 365–377 Kenney, C. et al. (1993). Performance of a monolithic pixel detector. Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. ) 32 (1993) 460 and First test beam results from a monolithic silicon pixel detector. Nucl. Instrum. and Meth. A. et al. (1988). A flexible 128 channel silicon strip detector instrumentation integrated circuit with sparse data readout. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. A. et al. (2004). Novel integrated CMOS sensor circuits. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. F. (2000). Radiation Detection and Measurement(3rd edn).

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