3D Integration for NoC-based SoC Architectures by Chuan Seng Tan (auth.), Abbas Sheibanyrad, Frédéric Pétrot,

By Chuan Seng Tan (auth.), Abbas Sheibanyrad, Frédéric Pétrot, Axel Jantsch (eds.)

Back conceal replica sequence: built-in Circuits and platforms 3D-Integration for NoC-based SoC Architectures by means of: (Editors) Abbas Sheibanyrad Frédéric Petrot Axel Janstch This e-book investigates at the delivers, demanding situations, and ideas for the 3D Integration (vertically stacking) of embedded structures attached through a community on a chip. It covers the full architectural layout method for 3D-SoCs. 3D-Integration applied sciences, 3D-Design options, and 3D-Architectures have emerged as subject matters severe for present R&D resulting in a vast variety of goods. This publication provides a entire, system-level evaluation of third-dimensional architectures and micro-architectures. •Presents a accomplished, system-level assessment of 3-dimensional architectures and micro-architectures; •Covers the total architectural layout strategy for 3D-SoCs; •Includes state of the art remedy of 3D-Integration applied sciences, 3D-Design innovations, and 3D-Architectures.

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Intuitively the reason for this is that the cost of transporting data across the chip to a central memory is much lower for a 3-D topology. Hence, if it is difficult to decentralize most memory accesses, the penalty will be lower for 3-D. However, the cost of centralized memory becomes steeper for more advanced technologies. 5 shows this effect for a 3D16 topology. 4 for 180€nm technology, it grows to a factor of 34 for a 17€nm technology. Hence, even if a 3-D topology can mitigate the cost of centralized memory, it is still growing exceedingly as technology advances due to the inverse effect on the performance of logic versus interconnect as a result of scaling.

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