2tier-foundation for Edexcel A by Brian Speed, Keith Gordon, Kevin Evans

By Brian Speed, Keith Gordon, Kevin Evans

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Converting mixed numbers Key the mixed number 2–34 into your calculator. The display will look like this. qxd 13/03/06 14:17 Page 35 CHAPTER 2: FRACTIONS –4–. This represents the top-heavy fraction 11 Write down the result. 2 11 3 = 4 4 • Now key at least ten more mixed numbers and convert them to top-heavy –– or 17 32 –11– . fractions. Keep your numbers sensible. For example, don’t use 8 16 19 • Write down your results. • Look at your results. Can you see a way of converting a mixed number to a top-heavy fraction without using a calculator?

If +5 h means 5 hours after midday, then …… means 5 hours before midday. If –6 h means six hours before midday, then +6 h means six hours …… midday. qxd 14/03/06 14:29 Page 53 CHAPTER 3: NEGATIVE NUMBERS If +2 °C means two degrees above freezing point, then …… means two degrees below freezing point. If +8 °C means 8 °C above freezing point, then …… means 8 °C below freezing point. If –5 °C means five degrees below freezing point, then +5 °C means five degrees …… freezing point. If +70 km means 70 kilometres north of the equator, then …… means 70 kilometres south of the equator.

3 is smaller than 2 because –3 is to the left of 2. You can write this as –3 < 2. 7 is bigger than 3 because 7 is to the right of 3. You can write this as 7 > 3. –1 is bigger than –4 because –1 is to the right of –4. You can write this as –1 > –4. Reminder The inequality signs: < means ‘is less than’ > means ‘is greater than’ or ‘is more than’ EXERCISE 3B Copy and complete each of the following by putting a suitable number in the box. a □ is smaller than 3 b □ is smaller than 1 c □ is smaller than –3 d □ is smaller than –7 e –5 is smaller than □ f –1 is smaller than □ g 3 is smaller than □ h –2 is smaller than □ i □ is smaller than 0 j –4 is smaller than □ k □ is smaller than –8 l –7 is smaller than □ Copy and complete each of the following by putting a suitable number in the box.

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