101 Nights of Great Sex: Sealed Secrets. Anticipation. by Laura Corn

By Laura Corn

One zero one Nights of serious intercourse is the permission slip you’ve had to strip off your entire inhibitions and holiday your predictable bed room workouts; to ultimately declare the intercourse lifestyles that you just particularly, relatively want.

Millions of readers can attest to the luck of the unique revealed model of this publication for revitalizing their love lives.

But now Laura Corn has absolutely upped her online game and pulled out the entire stops within the New 2013 edition.

Here’s what’s INSIDE:

- New, intriguing, smooth design.
- absolutely revised and updated
- extra compact and more uncomplicated to conceal (but it is going to healthy completely in your nightstand
- Over 50 fresh seductions - type is the spice of life
- All new eTeases - these artful little digital invites which set the scene and fan the flames of your partner’s mind's eye.

Which jointly upload as much as
- Crazier foreplay
- Sexier surprises
- Wilder scenarios
- Naughtier adventures
- warmer Sex
- extra enjoyable and pleasure than ever before

But what fairly makes this ebook distinct is that it's now not a booklet you learn, it's a ebook you "do" and that's accurately why it's so fascinating, and effective.

In the e-book you'll find:
- one hundred and one seductively suggestive titles provided in SECERT SEALED ENVELOPES: *50 for her eyes purely; *50 for his eyes basically; *and one very distinctive seduction to be shared through either one of you
- step by step unique directions for every title
- every thing you want to pull off an exciting, sexual seduction.

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While the overwhelming majority of women enjoy clitoral stimulation and orgasm, not every woman will find it a hot spot, and a woman should not be made to feel less of a woman or less sexual if this is true for her. Myth: Clitoral piercings make for more orgasmic sex. If you’re considering getting a clitoral hood piercing, know that research has found no dramatic difference in orgasmic functioning in women who have one. There is a positive relationship, however, between a vertical clitoral-hood piercing and the woman’s sexual desire, frequency of intercourse, and arousal.

Failing to do so may transmit bacteria that can cause infection. You can also try placing the heel of your hand on her mons pubis, exerting pressure as you move it back and forth during clitoral stimulation. This will create different sensations, especially in the clitoral hood’s 24 * Touch Me There! movements. Also, stroking, rubbing, or tugging at her inner and outer vaginal lips will produce a variety of feel-good reactions. A woman does not experience a refractory period after orgasm, during which she is unable to become aroused again.

This is possible because these positions help lovers to open their heart, sacral, and root chakras, releasing dormant sexual energy and increasing their capacity to embrace and love their partner. The more familiar you are with the chakras, your body’s energy, and how to channel that energy with your breath, the more you’ll get out of doing the yoga positions and the more you’ll utilize your sexual energy during sex play. Yoga’s emphasis on breathing, movement, and spiritual communion increases the flow of prana (life energy) throughout your body.

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