100 Days, 100 Hours: Phantom Brigade in the Gulf War by Edgar A. Stitt

By Edgar A. Stitt

This ebook is devoted to the reminiscence of expert ClarenceA. funds, scout, 4th Battalion, 66th Armor, third Brigade, third Infantry department, killed in motion, Feb.27, 1991, in the course of offensive operations opposed to the Iraqi Medina Republican protect department in southern Iraq.

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Occupied southern Iraq. S. soldier guards an Iraqi family at one of the checkpoints in southern Iraq while military police search their vehicle. The soldier is armed with the squad automatic weapon (SAW). 0:. Marne soldiers assist Iraqi refugees by SSgt. Edgar A. Stitt ------------------------------------------ "It' s interesting , and keeps the soldiers busy, A lot of them A Soviet built, sand-colored truck flying a white flag approaches the desert checkpoint on a road in southern Iraq. even like pulling it," said Patrick with a chuckle, Manning the checkpoint are Marne Division soldiers from At the same time the Cottonbalers of 1st Bn" 7th InL are the 3rd Brigade 's Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry.

3rd Inf. Div. attacked through it. A destroyed Iraqi combat engineer vehicle lies in the emplacement where it was destroyed by 3rd Bde. tank fire. Most Iraqis preferred surrendering by SSgt. Edgar A. Stitt -----------------------------------------Driving his M 113A3 armored personnel carrier over the rough and unchanging desert terrain. Col. Carlos Hernandez kept a sharp eye peeled for any sign of enemy activity in Iraq. Suddenly, not more than 20 meters away, an Iraqi soldier, armed with a Soviet-made sniper rifle popped-up into view and surprised the Company B, 4th Battalion, 7th Infantry, driver.

T.... •- ... ,;: .. ,­ . - Iraqi soldiers in a temporary prisoner compound in southern Iraq about 40 kilometers west of Basra. A male soldier plays cards with two female soldiers shortly after the cease fire. The soldiers are from the 26th Spt. Bn. An Iraqi truck drives past a medic M113A3 armored personnel carrier at Checkpoint Bravo in southern Iraq . , 3rd Inf. Div. sets up a medical point at this checkpoint to assist Iraqis fleeing the war between Iraqi loyalists and Shiite Muslims immediately after the cease-fire.

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